Support As You Shop

When you shop any Greece Collection product, 5% of profits are donated to Pnoi Agapis, providing art therapy classes for cancer patients and their families.

Meet Pnoi Agapis

Pnoi Agapis, translated as ‘breath of love’, is an amazing charity supporting cancer patients while going through treatment in Athens. We found out about the organisation through Myrto, the ceramicist who makes all of our trinket dishes, herb planters and trays.

How We’re Giving Back

We were so inspired by Pnoi Agapis and the work they do, that we wanted to find out how we could help. So, when you shop any Greece Collection product, 5% of profits are donated to the charity. Plus, 100% of profits from the Ceramic Dish in Ochre will also be donated. This money will be used to launch a new art therapy program, helping to support patients and their families.

Why Art Therapy?

"Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression and communication. Within this context, art is not used as a diagnostic tool, but as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing,” explains Diana Kayafa, Art Therapist at Pnoi Agapis.

“Art therapy has been found to be beneficial in terms of alleviating stress, depression, helping the person make sense of their experience and changes that come with it.”

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